[Me and Brussels] Me and Brussels, the last post

This is the last post in series “Me and Brussels”. The whole series tell you about my life, my experience during the time in Brussels. Some are planned, some are unexpected. After all, I did have two unforgotten years in Brussels, and now is to end this journey. The last post should be Question and Answer section that all questions are from my westen friends. The last one will be in English for my European friends who are a big part of my journey.

Q: Why do you choose Belgium?

A: It’s incident. I got the call for scholarship, I applied and got the grant. Then, I’m here, in Brussels. At first, I didn’t know much about Belgium, except famous Begian chocolate (to be honest, never tried it before), and now, I think it’s my luck to be here, to discover this amazing country.

Q: Do you love Brussels and Belgium? How do you love it?

A: A very nice city, I think. Brussels is a small, crowded and busy. The good thing, this city is multi-national and multi-cultural so I can use English in my daily life. Brussels, sometimes, looks like exactly my home city, Hanoi. It feels like in my home. I love it and gonna miss it when leaving.

I’m the tour-guide for my Vietnamese friends when they visit Brussels. After several times of guiding, I found a lot of things about Brussels from hidden places, foods, drinks to interesting stories. You see, when getting to know more about the place I’m living, I love it much more.

Unexpected story: When I told to a Belgian guy living in Flander town about my experience of tour-guiding, he did ask me to show him Brussels the next time he visit since he has been in Brussels for a few times and doesn’t know much about Brussels. It’s so cool and glad.

Q: What do you miss the most when leaving?

A: The first thing, beer. Belgian beers are absolutely great. I’ve never tried so many kinds of beers like Belgian beers. Before coming here, I heard about German beers, Czech beers. They are good, especially Czech beers, but I fall in love with Belgian beers. It’s my unexpected experience. And waffe, frites. Frites in Place Flagey, miss it so much. Brussels, and trips to other cities. I’m wanna see more about Flander and Wallonie regions, the special things of Belgium.

Q: Do you like your programme? (My Master programme in Computer Science)

A: I don’t know. It’s tough. I thought I know a little but when studying here, I know nothing. Some courses are really challenging as much as I was supposed not to complete them.The thing I learnt from my programme is to take everything seriously and do what I want. I did make something impossible become possible. It’s my stressful but valuable time.

Q: Why do you choose this major?

I didn’t give a clear answer to this question since I’m confused. Then I found several guys I met have the same problem like me. Perhaps the major selection is not only problem in Vietnamese students but happens also to some Western students, not only in Belgium. I met a Czech girl studying education wants to get a job about travelling, or a guy wants to become an artist more than an engineer.

Q: What do you do after graduation?

A: I planned to be back to my home country. However, I figured out how much I love Belgium an Europe, still many things to explore. So I’ll come back here soon.

Hanoi, 10.10.2015

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